Signals Unlimited, Inc. - DTV/Broadband, and cell phone antenna mfg. and installation
                                   ESTABLISHED 2004




We build and install custom designed antenna systems to deliver maximum reception with as little visible equipment as possible. The antenna shown is our own DTV-2D fiberglass antenna (UHF) coupled with our all new High VHF antenna, constructed from all Aircraft aluminum including solid 3/8" rod elements and stainless steel hardware. Simply the best built, best performing antenna system anywhere!  

This combination can mount on an existing satellite mount, provided the location is suitable for unobstructed DTV signals, on an existing tower, chimney mount, or any other suitable existing mast. Our compact antenna system can be installed on any building with HOA that allows Satellite Dishes!

Our installation come with FREE hook up and channel tuning on all wired existing DTV sets, and a full one year warranty on all of the installed equipment and mounting hardware, excluding damage from lightning or abuse.
                                             DIY ?

We now offer our antennas in a fully assembled antenna package, custom designed for your reception. Fully assembled, tested
and ready for pick up or delivery to your site! 

                                  CALL FOR PRICE!

Don't be fooled by the highly exaggerated claims and outright lies by some antenna companies like "150 mile reception" . The truth is that DTV reception with any antenna (even ours) is limited to signal available at your location, as effected by terrain and the fact that the DTV signals travel in a straight line, vanishing at 70 miles due to the curvature of our planet!

We understand the local reception and custom build the best antennas to receive the channels at your location! NO GIMMICKS, NO LIES. Just the highest quality handcrafted products that money can buy.