Signals Unlimited, Inc. - DTV/Broadband, and cell phone antenna mfg. and installation

(Established 2004)


Hand crafted antennas, locally designed and manufactured for maximum  DTV reception with the smallest antenna footprint possible.

              •DTV antenna installations
               •Cell phone booster systems
               •Self installation kits
               •Antenna sales

Standard installation with SUI DTV-2D UHF and SUI Y3713 VHF antennas, Channel Master rotor and pre-amplifier. Best possible results where reception is strong to near fringe. This compact system can be mounted on existing satellite mount. Also
available without rotor where desired reception is in one direction.

SUI Y101450
High gain UHF yagi. Best choice for areas where UHF reception is weak to fringe or the site has trees blocking UHF reception. 

SUI Y5713
Best choice where VHF reception is deep fringe or blocked by trees

SUI Y4713
Best reception for VHF where reception is fair to fringe.

SUI Y3713
Best choice for VHF where reception is fair to near fringe.

Compact all fiberglass UHF antenna.
Best choice where UHF signals are strong to near fringe.


All of our antennas are designed and manufactured in house, using all non- corrosive materials for a lifetime of reliable service. They are built in small batches to standards that far exceed any antenna offered by any antenna company anywhere!