Signals Unlimited, Inc. - DTV/Broadband, and cell phone antenna mfg. and installation

(Founded 2004)

DTV antenna systems installation
Cell Phone booster systems installation
Signal testing and site checks
Online antenna sales

New services for 2016

Diagnostic services on existing antenna systems
Channel recovery
Interference elimination

(Actual display of channels 7-13)

(Actual display of entire UHF DTV band)

We use the "state of the art" Spectrum Analyzer to view the entire DTV spectrum to evaluate any channel or groups of channels to assure proper tuning and to identify any weak signals or interference that can dramatically effect your over all DTV reception.

Diagnostic service on existing DTV antenna systems
(local only)

Includes complete analysis of the DTV spectrum using our new "state of the art" spectrum analyzer to identify any problems causing channel loss due to weak reception or local interference. We will provide you with recommendations to improve your reception when possible.