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With the ever increasing popular trend of home and office use of cell phone instead of land lines and data on smart phones and tablets for Internet comes the potential for a nightmare of lost or intermittent cell phone reception and slow or interrupted downloads, resulting in frustration and possibly lost business.
The causes for poor reception can be distance to towers or your terrain, however more often the problem is the structure of the building. Metal roofs, metal backed insulation, energy efficient windows, and other metal building materials block the signals from entering your home. This problem is even more prevalent in commercial buildings and suites inside large complexes, where cell phones and tablets are needed but rendered useless!
We have affordable solutions that can deliver reliable phone service and super fast downloads throughout your entire home, office or factory. Works on most carriers, and virtually all phones, smart phones and tablets.
In your home you could easily disconnect your landlines and possibly even replace your Internet with 4G service and a good data plan!
At work you will have better communications between your staff and their customers and create reliable internal communications between staff and crucial personnel.
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